What is WSL Snapshot Tool?

WSL Snapshot Tool is a simple and open-source tool for Windows that helps you to manage Backups (Snapshots) for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you are used to virtual machines, then you properly love the benefits of creating Snapshots. To Backup a WSL Instance is also possible by using the command line, but handling multiple WSL Instances and Backups can annoying. WSL Snapshot Tools gives you wan graphical interface and handles all the command line stuff for you. You can Setup Names and Descriptions for your Snapshots, see all the details like Date and time it has been created and restore them with a single click to an existing or completely new WSL Instance.

WSL 1 & 2 compatible

Works out of the with WSL 1 and WSL Version 2 installations.

Create Backups

Like on any Virtual Machine you can create Snapshots of your WSL Instances and restore them to the same or new WSL Instance.

Open Source

Open Source - Than means you dont have to pay for it. You are allowed to copy, adjust and reproduce this software.

Download now

Please visit GitLab to download the latest release


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